Zero Fee Crypto Trading Platforms Being Launched Back-to-Back

Aug 18, 2018 at 06:30 Update Date :Feb 27, 2019 at 07:46 UTC

As announced quite lately, the Canadian crypto trading platform- Coinberry and the Swiss financial service provider- BRD have decided to partner. The partnership is expected to usher in approximately 1.2 million of the BRD investors into the crypto space.

If one gets into the intricacies of the crypto-trade, it is to be observed that regardless of the present bearish market conditions, new crypto trading platforms are streaming in every now and then. This clearly depicts the immense potentiality of the crypto industry to attract more and more investors.

Therefore, as an attempt to flourish in future, Coinberry and BRD have together chosen to dig deeper into the cryptosphere. On Wednesday, August 15, they came up to make an official announcement of their partnership, which according to them, is awaited “to introduce 1.2 million BRD customers to the Canadian crypto trading platform.”

An official tweet of the crypto platform read,

“Better together. We’re happy to announce the @BRDHQ & @coinberryio partnership at @Futurist_conf. Now it’s easier than ever to buy and safely store your #crypto. Stay tuned, we heard there’s another announcement coming soon! #FUTURIST18.”

As per the claims, Coinberry received its authorisation to offer its customers Bitcoin and Ethereum trading at a zero fee a short time ago, which led it to become the first-ever Canadian Company to do so. Adding an extra flavour to its marketing strategy, the company’s website claims to furnish its customers with the best of Bitcoin and Ether market rates, by clubbing together a number of trusted crypto exchanges and making use of proprietary algorithms.

Also, BRD declares itself to have launched the first digital currency application that supported the iOS format. Roughly exact, the statement mentioned,

“BRD, freely accessible via iPhone and Android apps, stands a huge customer network from across 150 countries, approximately. Also, it’s non-custodial wallet currently safeguards about 8 billion USD. The latest partnership with Coinberry is expected to furnish the Canadian platform with nearly 1.2 million users of the BRD community.”

President of Coinberry, Andrei Polikov, makes a comment on the enhanced wallet functionalities offered by its partner firm,

“BRD is both a pioneer and technology leader in cryptocurrency, and we are very excited to join forces. BRD’s wallet has all functionality a crypto user could want, and we expect BRD’s community will enjoy taking advantage of Coinberry’s great rates on crypto.”

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