Woman Claiming For $48,000 Against Bitcoin ATM Firm Loses Court Case

Oct 13, 2018 at 16:00 Update Date :Oct 13, 2018 at 16:00 UTC

A woman, suing for $48000 that she sent to a scammer over the telephone has lost her court case. Court’s chief judge Nancy Orr stated that the fiat money that the woman kept in the ATM firm had a place with Instacoin ATM Canada Inc. owners.

The woman, a so-called victim, kept around $48000 in the BTC ATM. But, it was fraud. A man who was claiming himself to represent the Canada Revenue Agency called her and threatened with the arrest.

As per the reports of CBC News, the centre of the news is the person who owned the money that the woman deposited in the bank. The woman in the court told the judge about the scammer that how he had each detail of her and her family. The woman sent the money just because she was afraid of the arrest and deportation and according to the woman taking such step of sending money to him could avoid them all.

In February, over two days, the victim made a number of withdrawals from her bank account and then she deposited the sum of money into the bitcoin machine at a restaurant situated in Charlottetown.

The woman, after the fraud went into tears, stated that she wants her money back. She wanted people to be aware so that they don’t face such scams.

Canada and ATM Frauds

It is not a new incident that has happened in Canada. Such incidents are rising in the country. Last year, police reported that over 40 people lost 300,000 Canadian dollars in such telephonic scams in which the scammers ask them to pay money, otherwise, they would arrest them for tax default.

Michael Drake, a lawyer representing Instacoin ATM Canada Inc., said that the woman was merely provided help by the company. She converted the cash of her account to Bitcoin which she sent to a scammer who had an unknown fake BTC address.

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