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altcoin era

Where Do I Invest?

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency trading/investing involves substantial risk of loss and clients may or may not lose more than their original investment. Any content on should not be relied upon as advice or construed as providing recommendations of any kind.

Ideally, nowhere. Bitcoin is not real estate. It was always supposed to be a currency, and a currency, as the name suggests, should be in a current. It should not be sitting dead in accounts.

Although it wasn’t ever the intention, the sudden rise of Bitcoin’s value against the US Dollar made a large number of people realise that it could, in fact, be used as an investment. With faith in Bitcoin’s future, much of the public bought Bitcoins, but could not use them for transactions. As the demand for Bitcoin increased with time, the cost went up. That’s when people realised that the BTC they had bought for $0.39 could be sold for $300. Instead of selling, the owners held the currency, keeping faith in another rise, owing to lack of supply.

As time would have it, BTC/USD went 5-figure. People who had bought Bitcoin for literally nothing were overnight millionaires. That’s when real investors turned to cryptocurrency.

Ever since Ethereum’s launch, more developers started releasing cryptocurrencies on its blockchain, trying to lure in the public through crowdsales. A developer makes a cryptocurrency of their own, using the open source code of the blockchain, and then sells that currency to the public, in return for the original cryptocurrency of the blockchain platform they use, while promising that their cryptocurrency will be worth more than the current price in the future.

ICO crowdsales became a sham over the years, with more than half of them defrauding the investors through fancy advertisements and zero results.

It has been found statistically that the currencies that are built on the more promising blockchain tend to score higher in the future. The quality of the technology is directly proportional to the long-term price increase of an altcoin. As the prices move according to the demand and supply, the technology which is going to be more in demand in the future is going to have a higher valued cryptocurrency.

You can invest in ICOs all you want, but trust us; no one can claim whether a coin will go up or down. Experts can only speculate using statistics and basic economic principles. What can be firmly believed though, is that the market as a whole will definitely go up, sooner or later. Because the number of units of altcoins is limited, the prices will, eventually, only go up, as long as the users’ interest in cryptocurrencies stays afloat.

It’s all about faith.

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