TRX Now Has Over 100 Thousand Accounts On MainNet

Aug 3, 2018 at 05:45 Update Date :Aug 3, 2018 at 05:45 UTC

Tron (TRX) washes off the market news and made it clear that the digital coin is not much affected by tanking market situation showing resistance to ups and downs of the cryptocurrency industry.

The founder of Tron, Justin Sun, made an announcement that more than 1 lakh accounts has been created on the MainNet of Tron and the company expects a boost in its user base after the release of its virtual machine, Tron Virtual Machine (TVM).

Sun posted on the microblogging site, Twitter that the total number accounts on the Tron’s MainNet has “exceeded 100 thousand and block height has already reached 1100078 with 368 online nodes.”

With so many events taking place, many analysts believe Tron could soon be at par with Ethereum as promised by Justin Sun earlier that he’ll do anything to outcross Ethereum.

Before the launch of MainNet on July 25, the company represented by Justin Sun summoned a corporate war against Ethereum. Sun stated that as soon as Tron initiates the migration, it would be able compete Ethereum.

Boasting about the current user base of 100 million of DApps, Justin said the MainNet which would notice the shift of Tron’s current users and its digital coin from ERC20 (Ethereum ecosystem) strengthening the current currency network of Tron all across the world.

After the launch of MainNet, Tron has been busy with doing all-round developments. The team working on the coin is working hard to take the coin closer to Ethereum and making Tron a better platform.

The alternative coin has been famous for rewarding its stakeholders for the effort they put in taking the platform ahead in its mission.

Tron has been gaining grounds and viability in the local markets have been advanced with the acceptance of it as a payment option rising from a local garage in United Kingdom and a taxi driver in Spain.

Recently, the company partnered with Pornhub, the largest X-rated video site. Now Pornhub accepts the altcoin’s token, TRX as a payment option.

With the conclusion of the announcement, Justin Sun wrote a letter announcing the acquisition of BitTorrent and its million users as a part of Tron’s family.

Tron has also made an announcement declaring that the acquisition would help Tron, 80 times than Ethereum, making it world’s largest decentralised ecosystem in the globe.

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