TRUXIR: A Blockchain Platform Aimed at Sustainable Development

Dec 18, 2018 at 13:04 Update Date :Dec 21, 2018 at 11:50 UTC

Blockchain Technology has always been projected as the solution to some of the most complicated issues faced in the current world. However, the hype over crypto and digital token shifted the interest more towards digital currency rather than real-world use cases which would benefit the whole community.
TRUXIR a new entrant in the Blockchain realm has decided to make sure that the technology is not just limited to the financial sector. The company’s project is aimed at recycling waste and creating a system which contributes towards a sustainable and greener future.

How Does the TRUXIR Blockchain operate?

TRUXIR implements the blockchain to eradicate the environmental issue which is only rising day by day. You may neglect the Climate change or global warming today, but for the future generations who are not even born yet, would face the consequences of your negligence. This is where TRUXIR came into the picture, that humans cannot be made to agree upon doing their basic duty if they don’t find any gain for themselves at an individual level.
The firm behind the novel approach aims to create a blockchain based platform which would turn recycling waste into a real value coin. These coins can be used for paying energy bills, get discount on various daily use items through partner vendors and with enough progress the coin can see many other real-world uses.
The company plans to attract as many people as possible to their platform, and combine their efforts to create a movement which would not only become a stable source of income for many but also help them with a self-entitlement that they have done some good for the generations to come.
The firm promises a unique income management system which would be efficient transparent, and promote user-friendliness.

Apps & Interfaces

The firm has also built an in-house application which is free to download and install. The app serves as a window for various operations, like information of the funds and accumulated coins, read QR codes, earn coins and different information sources about recyclable materials & locations of recyclables reception centers.
The website interface serves the same purpose and a few additional data for the users. The web interface can be integrated with a browser and allows the user to take all the necessary action for functional operations. The services include setting up payments, sending notifications, connecting equipment, and other actions.

Pre-Token Sale and Values

The company started the pre-sale of its token on 15th December after it achieved its soft market cap. The token sales will continue till 15th January and the firm promises many great discounts for the early birds. The token, which is ERC 20, is called TIR and currently priced at $0.040. Interested buyers can also buy these tokens against their cryptos like ETH, BTC, LTC. The total token up for sale is 100,000,000.

Wallets and Exchanges that Support Tir

People can store their Tir coins on any blockchain platform which supports MasterNodes coins. However, one cannot store the Tir token on an exchange based wallet. The company is also looking forward to creating separate online wallets and Desktop wallets.
Currently, the ICO is ongoing and the firm is already in talks with several top-tier exchanges to list their coin on their respective platforms.

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