Tommy Robinson Banned From PayPal, Turns to Bitcoin as an Alternative

Nov 13, 2018 at 13:30 Update Date :Nov 16, 2018 at 06:07 UTC

Tommy Robinson, who is a Right-wing British journalist, has been banned from PayPal – a payment processing platform. Tommy Robinson is moving towards Bitcoin as an alternative to PayPal.

The reasons behind the ban are not clarified yet, but the PayPal already stated in their official reports that they don’t want PayPal services to be used as a medium of hate, violence or any kind of intolerant activity which is discriminatory in nature. Robinson after this kick out went straight to Bitcoin in order to receive donations.

Robinson, in his facebook, posted his feelings as well as shared the address of Bitcoin. He said that he is not even explained to what he has done; which is not a good sign as per the user agreement policies. He called PayPal as dictators. Later, questioning PayPal, he said, “Do they steal out funds for six months?” After screwing PayPal and its establishment, he told people that if they really want to support him, they can do it without even using PayPal – with a link or by using BTC.

Robinson got support from the majority of the people, as most of them closed their accounts in PayPal in order to show their support to Robinson. One of his volunteers wrote:

“I have shut down my account, in case a service becomes more political, it is better to give it up. I have had an account with PayPal for 13 years, but tonight, I have closed it permanently.”

In May 2018, while reporting on grooming gang – a child-sex abuse ring racket, he was sentenced to 12-month prison for ‘Breach of peace’ and for violating the guidelines of the judge.

Robinson, after being arrested under a court charge, came out of prison on legal bail. Most interesting thing is Robinson received around £20,000 BTC during the time when he was in jail. As per the reports, these donations came from his supporters.

Robinson is not the only one to be banned by the PayPal. Gab, a social media platform for free speech, and Infowar, a news website of right-wing were also banned by PayPal.

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