Telegram Has Its Rival In The Market, The 3AM Social Decentralised Application

Aug 6, 2018 at 09:09 Update Date :Aug 6, 2018 at 09:09 UTC

As per the reports, a new ‘3AM Social Decentralised Application’ has been launched in the market. The application is functional for both Android and iOS. Also, it furnishes the users with advanced management features, which is why it is being considered as a great competition for Telegram or WeChat who lack any such features.

In the present times, a number of applications are being developed based on the blockchain technology, owing their requirement to the increased number of projects that need to be dealt with, simultaneously. The 3AM application, has been devised in such a way that it unites the consumers with the blockchain projects without deviations. It functions in collaboration with the blockchain XMAX ecosystem. It serves as a platform which brings together the blockchain applications and their community members, so as to furnish a smooth flow of communication. The idea is to reduce the barriers of communication and increase the closeness of the community, at large.

The major drawback of the existing applications namely WeChat and Telegram amongst the rest, is that they limit the groups to a maximum number. WeChat for instance, limits individual groups to 500 members, which makes it difficult to manage huge numbers in separate groups. Overcoming this flaw, 3AM chose a new group pattern of a “Main Group + Fork Groups” in order to make group management less complex.

The advanced features of the newly assembled social decentralised app include: QR codes for crypto mining options, business card login system, social account login, private messaging, drop down menu for the main group, etc.

One of the very important features is the crypto social mining. Participants of the group can mine crypto tokens through chat and build crypto economies. Also, they have the opportunity to earn digital coins by performing tasks that would benefit the 3AM crypto community.

It might prove as Telegram’s rival majorly because Telegram adopts a very ‘random approach’ when it comes to incentivise its users. However, 3AM tokens are to be offered only to some selected members who have genuinely contributed towards the community.

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