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World’s First Tokenized Security Exchange Launched by Belarus

Belarus is the latest entry in a growing line of countries that are accepting and formulating regulations with regard to the cryptocurrency trade. On Tuesday,
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New Zealand-Based Crypto Exchange, Cryptopia Hacked

New Zealand-based crypto exchange Cryptopia has suspended administrations in the wake of recognizing a noteworthy hack that has allegedly “resulted in significant losses,” as indicated
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Coinbase and Kraken Latest in Line To Support The Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork

The Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork is the name being given to Ethereum’s fifth worldwide system update. Two of America’s biggest crypto-exchanges, Coinbase and Kraken,
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Expect the Cryptoruble in 2-3 Years, Senior Russian Official Says

The Russian markets could soon be flooded with a homemade cryptocurrency, being dubbed the “Cryptoruble”, if the word of one Anatoly Aksakov is to be
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Indian Corporate Giants Might Opt For Blockchain Tech For B2B Payments in the Near Future

The Indian Central Bank, RBI, has discouraged its customers to use cryptocurrency for transactions and has also issued a circular to other banking institutions in
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Elections Canada Ponder Over Cryptocurrency Donations In The Upcoming Elections

The Canadian Electoral Body, Elections Canada, is mulling over the issue of political donations in the form of cryptocurrency donations. According to a report dated
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Status of Cryptos is Unclear in Malaysia: Khalid Samad

The Malaysian Federal Territories Minister, Khalid Abdul Samad said that the legality of digital assets is still under consideration. Currently, cryptocurrencies are neither legal nor