Swiss Stock Exchange Is Open To Offer Cryptocurrency Trading Services

Jul 15, 2018 at 04:57 Update Date :Jul 15, 2018 at 04:57 UTC

The parent organisation of Switzerland’s main stock exchange Swiss Infrastructure and Exchange (SIX) Group has said that it is open to considering the idea of offering services to trade in cryptocurrencies on its digital trading platform. It will be a fully regulated platform and will offer a wide range of services, including ICO consulting for the ICOs that are yet to be listed as securities. According to a SIX Group spokesman, the platform, which is still in development, is scheduled to be operative by mid-2019.

Spokesperson Stephan Meier said in an interview with Swissinfo that there is indeed an urgent need to establish accountability and transparency in the world of cryptocurrencies. Meier explains that such steps would prove to be beneficial to the investors as well as the businesses in the crypto-market, and other traditional participants of the industry. He also maintains that among those interested in this are also several investors and companies that plan to raise capital and trading in digital tokens by making the best of such current opportunities.

The spokesperson made it clear however that the exchange has not yet decided upon the specifics regarding the products and services that will be offered for trade on its upcoming platform. He simply noted that the possibility of crypto-trading availability is still “open”. He added that the company would still be technically able to add more tokens to the platform as an when needed, although each such coin would first be made to go through a “due diligence process”. He also claims that what, the company is essentially trying to do is, bridge the gap between digital finances and traditional finances, and the people dealing in them as well.

Earlier this week, Switzerland was also voted the second-best (or most favourable) country for ICOs in terms of the amounts raised, ousted only by the USA.

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