Samsung Calls Out Hoax Of Supposedly Being Open To Cryptocurrency Transactions

Jul 26, 2018 at 05:59 Update Date :Jul 26, 2018 at 05:59 UTC

Last week, rumours started surfacing that IT leaders Samsung will now be open to crypto-transactions in the Baltic States.  The rumour was was that the Korean company had joined hands with a Lithuanian blockchain firm, CopPay, that would allow customers from the three Baltic States to make payments using alt-coins.

Samsung has since come out to clear the air, calling out the hoax posted by CopPay on their platform. In an email to Hard Fork, a spokesperson from Samsung simply stated that “The partnership is not true.”

The post has since been removed by CopPay, although not before being reported by several digital currency forums, such as Cointelegraph and Bitcoin News (most of the platforms reporting this news have since shot it down as well on learning that it is fake).

According to their initial post, CopPay explained that Samsung, following the deal, would now set up digital currency gateways across 31 outlets throughout the Baltic states. The post also enlisted a number of major altcoins that would supposedly be accepted for these transactions, including Ripple, Dash, Ethereum, Neo Bitcoin, Steem, and Litecoin.

Shamelessly enough, the company had gone on the explain how Samsung had decided to take a key role in their motto “Turn on Future”, and how Samsung was finally embracing crypto-technologies through this agreement, as the IT giant would now be accepting alt-coins through PoS terminals.

Whereas most forums that used the opportunity to break the news didn’t really bother to verify its authenticity, some did. However, CopPay did seem hesitant when it came to answering simple yes-no questions, and ignored multiple calls and questions from the media, asking confirmation of the rumours. Finally, it did turn out to be untrue.

TheNextWeb explained that they had simultaneously called both the firms in order to verify. While CopPay maintained that they were in talks with Samsung, the IT group themselves shot it down immediately when asked, calling the rumour fake and “unsubstantiated”. It is now still uncertain why a startup would post such incorrect rumours when they should have known for a fact that it would come back to bite.


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