Roger Ver Sold His Lambo To Buy Bitcoin

Jul 25, 2018 at 10:47 Update Date :Jul 25, 2018 at 10:47 UTC

The Bitcoin Jesus, Roger Ver recently spoke to Naomi Brockwell about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. The CEO of Bitcoin, Ver told how he sold his lamborghini to purchase more Bitcoin because of his love for the digital coin.


The popular influencer has often advocated the use of cryptocurrencies. He is frequently seen talking about the hazards in the economy caused due to the intervention of government, time and again. He believes if Bitcoin and other altcoins become commonplace, they can prevent government interruption which in turn, has the capability of retarding the growth of economy.


The reason why he is so involved with the digital currencies is the growth of global economy. Ver strives to use profits out of cryptocurrencies to improve people’s standard of living, whether poor or rich.


During the interview, he also promoted his cryptocurrency Bitcoin by calling it the ‘killer app’ for blockchain technology. He justified it by saying,Look at how many users it’s got and how many merchants it’s got and look at how many people are busy spending their time and money and effort and resources on the application of money. So the killer app for blockchain technology very clearly was and is Bitcoin.”


Ver was also asked about the relevance of blockchain technology in the fields of healthcare and travel, to which he replied that these applications would be most suitable for digital currencies as money is something that is used everywhere and all the time. Healthcare reports are pulled out only when there is a need and the probability of that happening is obviously as high as that of money’s.

The Cryptocurrency expert, on behalf of all the cryptocurrencies said that more and more people should be aware of these new developments. The decentralised system of currency will empower all the people alike, and help them achieve “economic freedom”. All people will have to do is use more digital currencies to the extent that it starves the central banks.

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