“Ripple (XRP) Is Crypto 2.0,” Says Cory Johnson

Jun 22, 2018 at 14:57 Update Date :Jun 22, 2018 at 14:57 UTC

Cory Johnson, cryptocurrency Ripple’s chief market strategist, spoke about the performance of Ripple Inc, its XRP token and the impact it has had on the marketplace in an interview at Yahoo Finance’s All Market summit 2018.

He exclaimed that it was absolutely essential to know such difference because multitudes of people believe they are the same thing, thus they may become prone to make advances thinking about misleading conceptions.

The market strategist said that it was endlessly frustrating for him that people were unable to distinguish between the fact that XRP and Ripple are totally separate things. He gave the example how no one calls Exxon Mobil oil as Exxon Mobil, though their oil is successful, that doesn’t mean that they are the same things. Hence, people should also understand the difference between the XRP token and Ripple.

Mr Johnson described that perhaps this is one of the reasons why XRP created a ‘religious’ bullish feeling in the commune in spite of having a poor behaviour throughout 2018.

Johnson says Ripple had the greatest first quarter the corporation has ever had. They signed more contracts, got more companies into production, had deals coming in gaps of less than a week instead of waiting for six weeks like they did a year ago. Yet XRP had the nastiest quarter it’s ever had.

Cory explained that after analyzing the aspects of Bitcoin, their founders tried to create a system trying to overcome its shortcomings, thus, Ripple was born.

Using an example from Brad Garlinghouse where he stated that Bitcoin is like the Napster of the crypto world, Cory explained, although it represented a significant step forward, its failures led to the growth of new protocols that propelled p2p technologies to unimaginable limits.

Cory explained that the reason people are so eager concerning Ripple is that Bitcoin opened their eyes to probabilities, but the technological failure became obvious very soon.

“I think that XRP in some ways is crypto 2.0,”

Ripple (XRP) having such media support is another reason why he believes is that beyond the potential of Ripple´s blockchain, people are holding stakes on their money in the XRP :

“I think it’s because individuals have their cash at stake … People who truly understand it and have made a bet somewhere, want to see the other stuff become unsuccessful. I think there are bitcoin maximalists who hate XRP just for the reason that it’s not bitcoin. I think there are Ether investors who hate XRP because they have invested in Ether.”

Ripple (XRP) is going through a dreadful phase at present; however, Ripple Inc. still continues to expand its international and corporate allies which still makes it unquestionably a market leader in its field.

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