Ripple Hires A Google Developer For Senior Role

Oct 29, 2018 at 21:00 Update Date :Oct 29, 2018 at 21:00 UTC

Ripple, a leading blockchain firm has hired a former Google technologist for the post of Vice President. Amir Sarhangi is leaving his position to join Ripple as Vice President of the products.

The U.S. tech company Ripple (XRP), has confirmed the news to the media that Amir is resigning from Google and joining their company in a couple of days. The move was influenced by the offer made by Ripple to lead their global payments network, RippleNet.

Previously, Amir Sarhangi was leading Google’s Rick Communication Services Division for a wireless messaging system.

The parent company of Google, Alphabet Inc has not responded to the queries regarding the seat left vacant for the head of RCS.

Amir Sarhangi had done many inventions in the market before. He established Jibe Mobile, which was a startup that was developed to support wireless communication. The company was offering virtual IMS, IP messaging, video chat to mobile networks, developer gateway. In 2015, when Google acquired Jibe Mobile, Amir started working with the giant.

The RCS technology is considered to be a success to SMS as being the best way to send media and messages over the mobile network. As per the reports, the RCS technology was adopted by some giant in the tech market like Apple and Samsung.

According to the recent reports by Ripple, in the third quarter, the firm’s revenue has seen to be doubled as compared to the second quarter. The official data of the company shows that in the third quarter they have sold around $163.33 million of XRP in token sales – doubled than what they sold in the previous quarter.

Over the last few months, it has been seen that Ripple is making large efforts for mass adoption. The phrase ‘mass adoption’ is used most frequently over time. Ripple is making attempts in order to enhance their growing business widely and placing Amir as head of products will going to benefit them a lot.

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