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Developing a crypto exchange platform is certainly a profitable and viable business option. However, the drawbacks of high cost, and resources and liquidities required make this concept complicated and unattainable. Ripa is an hybrid-decentralized exchange that focuses on countering these setbacks by moderating the entry level for setting up new exchanges as well as offering crypto traders a secure and safe trading ecosystem.

Open Source Code of Peatio

The integration of open source code of Peatio allows users to access services of RipaEx, free of cost. However, users will have to pay minimal fees for the server, network security, call center operators and other resources that are essential to run an exchange and provide reliable support to the clients.

Bank-Grade Security

Ripa uses AES 256 encryption, which is an effective safety measure that eliminates any possibilities of security attacks and safeguards the private data of users. AES is a reliable encryption that is adopted by many globally reckoned fintech enterprises.

Multiple Currency Trading From Across the World

Peatio enables users to set up multiple trading accounts within the Ripa system. It also allows users to trade in multiple currencies via one platform. Ripa Exchange facilitates trading in multiple cryptocurrencies including BTC, USDT, Steem, DGB, BCH, XRP, ETH, LTC, DOGE, ARK, etc. Moreover, the platform supports multiple languages to promote the usability of the platform across the globe.

The Ripa Blockchain

Ripa Exchange will have its own blockchain signified as Ripa Blockchain which will run on the DPOS protocol. It is being developed to cater and enhance the following five purposes:-

● Listing new cryptocurrencies on Ripa Exchanges
● Promoting new projects on the platform
● Purchasing of RipaEx gadgets via the RipaEx store
● Payment of transactions on authorized reseller platforms with RipaEx POS
● Sharing liquidity between Ripa Exchanges within the same network

Ripa Liquidity Service Provider

Through SmartBridge technology, RipaEx will develop a mechanism to share liquidity between all the exchanges within the network by writing the single exchange order book in the Ripa Blockchain and executing order matching between all exchanges in the ecosystem. This allows users to obtain liquidity offered by decentralized as well as fiat exchanges, along with the benefits of a platinum customer support of a centralized exchange.

Delegated Proof of Stake Technology

RipaEx Blockchain will inherit the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus system, which was originally introduced by BitShares. It was specially designed to address the issues associated with Proof of Work, (PoW) namely the centralization of computing power and wastage of the real world energy.

Transaction Fees

For standard transactions, the platform charges P 0.1, however, it is speculated to change post the launch of the Ripa Blockchain. Presently, the platform has established the following fee structure for various functions:-

● Transaction – P 0.1
● Vote – P 1
● Second Signature – P 1
● Multiple Signature – P 1 per signature along with P 1 per account signing
● Registering a delegate – P 5

Token Distribution

Ripa token denoted as XPX is a ERC-20 compatible token. The platform intends to offer 115,000,000 XPX tokens, and distribute these tokens in the following manner:-

● 65% – PreSale and Ripa TEC
● 15% – RIPA founders team
● 6% – Marketing
● 5% – Bounties
● 5% – RCF
● 4% – SCIC

Furthermore, the token sales proceeds will be allocated in the following way:-

● 60% – Project Development
● 20% – Marketing
● 20% – Legal Support

Ripa Exchange – A Revolution in the Crypto Exchange Landscape

Ripa has developed a hybrid blockchain based platform that facilitates easy and cost-effective entry into the cryptocurrency exchange landscape. Its decentralized approach enables traders and investors to experience a secure, transparent, and flexible trading experience and offer them opportunities to reap substantial profits from their trade.

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