Redditors Call The Trinity Wallet’s latest Updates “Fancy Updates”

Jul 23, 2018 at 08:52 Update Date :Jul 23, 2018 at 08:52 UTC

IOTA’s Trinity Wallet got updated on 21st July and the updates got labeled ‘fancy’ by some Reddit users. The wallet, which was launched by the cryptocurrency a few months back in May, became the talk of the Redditors, sparking a conversation on GitHub.

Trinity wallet was launched with basic features like cryptocurrency to fiat conversion, transactions preview as bundles, etc.

The wallet got updates recently on 9th July where the IOTA team hinted about the new updates and bug fixes.

The new update includes an additional redesigned User Interface, an option to add an amount to the received QR code, biometric security procedures of a fingerprint or face ID, dashboard on Android, and more complicate password combination requirements.

The fixes also have something new to offer like the bundle address reversal bug fix and all theme updates including colour changes and text field borders.

There have been a few ordinary and commonplace updates like changing of USD/EUR chart to exactly three decimal places, display of address while sending and receiving, and field conversion centre to be vertically in the middle.

The Redditors, however were not very impressed with the latest additions, they rued about the desktop version not being available.

mohtasham22, a Reddit user said, “Desktop trinity.?”

ypp192, another Redditor said, “Same here – particularly if it involves transacting any significant amount of crypto. Seeing the steady development progress of the mobile version and the very positive feedback from beta users, I hope/expect we’ll see a desktop version of Trinity soon enough.”

Epic_Deuce, yet another unflattered Redittor commented, “This, I don’t like using my phone when I don’t have to.”

‘Trinity mobile’ is undergoing beta testing, as of now. With almost 20000 users around the globe, IOTA is advancing towards a bug-free environment.

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