REBGLO – A Sustainable Approach Towards Cryptocurrency Mining

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Cryptocurrency mining also referred to as crypto-mining is an extensive process in which transactions for numerous forms of cryptocurrencies are verified and added to the blockchain digital ledger. With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency, the concept of cryptocurrency mining has also people popular in terms of a topic as well as activity.


The Crypto-Mining Process and Its Benefits

Every time a cryptocurrency transaction is performed, a cryptocurrency miner is accountable for authenticating the information provided and updating the blockchain with the transaction once verified. The crypto-miner compete with each other to solve complex mathematical problems using cryptographic hash functions that are associated with a block comprising of transaction data. The first cryptocurrency miner to solve the code is rewarded by allowing the opportunity to authorize the transaction, and in return for the service provided, crypto-miners acquire a small amount of cryptocurrency. Anyone with high-speed computers along with access to electricity can print money merely by running free software.


The Looming Impediments

Cryptocurrency mining is an integral aspect of blockchain technology, however, there are some factors that affect the efficiency of the existing cryptocurrency mining process including:-

  • The internal factor is the loss of relevant data during the processing stage of cryptocurrency mining. Inefficient data reading and reconstruction cause the loss of hash rates.
  • The external factor is the disproportionate consumption of electricity that rashly affects mining profitability.


REBGLO – Extending the Right Solutions

The REBGLO project intends to eliminate and improve the current cryptocurrency mining inefficiencies by extending powerful software and hardware solutions. It is basically a business project being promoted with the concept of “Reboot Globalization” and “Reproduction and globalization”. The purpose of this project is to offer economic support, circulation, and recycle through circulating energy and economics.


Data Transmission System – The Software Solution

Data Transmission System (DTS) technology is developed to offer effective solutions to the issues with regards to the scalability of the mining process, and diminish its extreme power consumption.


Contributions of DTS Technology

  • Enhanced Computing Performance

DTS offers all the essential data for processing on the central memory and combines it with instruction parallelization during the mining process, thereby boosting the operation performance.

  • Increased Mining Speed and Revenue

DTS technology facilitates miners to gain mining income at higher levels.


HETTARER Sticker – The Hardware Solution

HETTARER Stickers were originally designed in Japan and use conducive paper that accumulates charged particles from electric current that transpire naturally from a particular electronic device and air. The particles get expanded by the heat of the device’s battery, extending the battery life and reducing the charging time. These stickers come with a lifespan of 60 days and are currently available for smartphones and many other battery-operated gadgets via

Additionally. HETTARER also hold the potentials to reduce the high frequency of electrical devices by 90%. When these stickers are put on the crypto-mining rigs, they can increase crypto-mining efficiency. Recent tests results showed that within 24-hours, the sticker showed an increase of 133% in Monero data mining and a 114% improvement in Monero mining rewards in 48-hours via multicurrency mining pool, MinerGate.


REBLO – Making Crypto-Mining Rewarding and Eco-Friendly

By extending cryptocurrency miners, a robust software and hardware solution, REBGLO aims to eliminate the inefficiencies of the crypto-mining system. The team also intends to set foot in the “Energy Business” and “Electric Power Business” industry by developing their own electric power company. It further aims to bring unconventional solutions to mitigate pitfalls of cryptocurrency mining and offer eco-friendly products to miners all across the globe.


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