Raketech Launches Platform to Compare Crypto Exchanges

Dec 23, 2018 at 18:00 Update Date :Dec 23, 2018 at 18:00 UTC

The online affiliate and content marketing company Raketech is launching a platform called Cryptimi.com – a new media product that focuses on comparing cryptocurrency exchanges and other financial comparisons.

The platform Cryptimi.com will provide high-quality content that will help users compare crypto exchanges and the businesses that are based on blockchain technology.

Comparison Website to help Crypto Users

As per the news reports, Raketech’s Cryptimi.com was developed by the Raketech labs – with a mission to be in the top in crypto and blockchain media industry. Initially, Cryptimi.com was started to provide legal news, guides, and reviews, and tutorials regarding the crypto exchanges and other blockchain based businesses.

Raketech officially announced that the company’s long goal is to make the digital currency and blockchain businesses more accessible to people. The major problem faced by people is lack of understanding. So, the firm will make it easy for people to understand these terms. The website Cryptimi.com is developed to provide knowledge to the newcomers – and helping them with advice regarding digital currency and investors.

Michael Holmberg, CEO at Raketech, said:

“The cryptocurrency world is innovative and forward-thinking, and Cryptimi.com is our path into this exciting industry. The two areas which the firm is familiar with – gaming affiliation and financial comparison, the new product lies in those same areas. The firm is supported by the crypto market in Malta – and has a team backing the product. There is high probability that it will make a good mark in the industry.”

The firm Raketech has already built many affiliate partnerships with leading crypto exchanges. The future plan of the company is to grow in the space that is currently flourishing in Malta – Mediterranean Blockchain Island.

Joseph Muscat, the prime minister of Malta, in order to highlight the blockchain achievement of the island, used his address at the United Nations, New York.

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