Predicting Crypto Trends For 2019: From Smartphones To Tourism

Feb 17, 2019 at 20:28 Update Date :Feb 17, 2019 at 20:28 UTC

Despite a bearish 2018, the term cryptocurrency still intrigues an industry outsider, it appeals to someone who hasn’t meddled with crypto assets before and the term ‘crypto’ certainly turns heads almost at every mention.

So, let’s talk about of some crypto trends that intend to maximize their potential in 2019.

The Rise Of Crypto-Fiat ATM’s

For people who do not trust crypto exchanges to trade cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies, they will now be able to access an increasing number of crypto ATMs being installed worldwide.

The most common of these, at present, remains Bitcoin-compatible ATMs with United States among those countries exhibiting a growing adoption rate of these crypto-fiat currency dispensing machines.

New York has set up its current ATMs to be able to issue cryptocurrency to users who have created an account with bitcoin payment provider LibertyX.

Most crypto ATMs give you the option of using debit cards to purchase crypto tokens, with a daily limit on crypto purchase per card, varying from one country to the other.

Central Governments To Back and Adopt Crytpo Culture

Many of the countries are rallying to draft regulatory frameworks to integrate with the crypto community on a larger scale and some are said to be mulling the launch of their own cryptos.

Iran, for example, is looking to launch its own state-backed crypto token to evade the trade sanctions imposed by the US to revive its crumbling economy. As per local reports, the Iranian government had last month launched its own gold backed crypto, dubbed “Peyman”.

The Advent Of Crypto Tourism

As of now, Bitcoin remains the most globally accepted crypto but the growing number of foreign tourists dabbling in other cryptos will see countries trying to put in place an infrastructure which could cater to tourist needs.

Digital currencies reduce the need for visiting foreign money exchanges, thereby reducing the costly currency conversions and allowing any type of trade, anywhere, anytime.

Last year, Germany’s Tourism Board started accepting payments in Bitcoin, becoming one of the first tourism boards to do so.

Crypto Entry Into Smartphones

Yes, you heard it right! Smartphones may become the latest storage devices for crypto users to store digital currencies in devices that are offering everything – from an in-built crypto wallet account to proper crypto storing and trading softwares.

These are only some of the trends that can make it big this year. Have some trendier topics we missed out? Worry not. Let us know your pick on crypto trends, waiting to be unboxed and take 2019 by storm.

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