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Aiming at the education sector, Õpet Foundation is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to make life simpler and faster for young adults.


Using an AI companion chatbot app, Õpet is ready to revolutionise the field of education, serving as a digital college admission counsellor by bringing sophisticated mind and horizon expanding conversations to students requiring help for National Pre-College/Upper Secondary Examination Revision.

Having a rating of 4.6 on ICOBench, with a vision rating of 5.0 by experts, Õpet Foundation is clearly aiming in the right direction. The idea is to collect tertiary institution/college admission data such as Academic, ECA records, Personality Profile (using University of Cambridge’s Psychometric Tool via their strategic partnership), user preferences, essays, and testimonies, and have all of it stored on the blockchain. Once the data is accessible, the AI adaptive recommendation engine would help students choose the perfect options for themselves.

The envisioned end result of the project is a day when students can apply to tertiary institutions/colleges with simply providing their hashkey to the college of choice.

So why should you go for it?

The Õpet Foundation team is made of a very widely knowledgeable and diversified group of people, who are all experts in their field, especially including the advisors from the education sector.

The white paper is clean and well thought out, and so are the token metrics.

The roadmap devised for the achievement of the targets is pretty much sensible and extremely feasible, making success inevitable, sooner or later.

“After speaking with Wilson and Michele from the team, this is a very BIG idea that can provide tremendous value for our younger generation. The team is working hard no doubt, and I must say I have not had any team reach out and be able to answer my questions to the fullest extent like this team. Very transparent and very respectable!!” says a review on ICOBench
The team has thought out the game plan very well and we can’t wait to see how the AI turns out.






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