Norwegian Man Stabbed To Death In A Bitcoin Trade

Oct 18, 2018 at 15:20 Update Date :Oct 18, 2018 at 15:20 UTC

A man was brutally stabbed to death after performing a bitcoin transaction. The tragic loss of life took place in Oslo, Norway between 7:50 am and 12:10 pm local time. The crime took place either during or after the physical exchange of cash for bitcoin (BTC). The dreadful stabbing took place in the apartment of the 24-year-old man, located in the upmarket Oslo neighborhood of Majorstuen.
The victims’ roommates and friends were well aware of his involvement and keen interest in cryptocurrency. They believe that the sole reason for his death is the last bitcoin transaction made by him. The terrible murder was discovered by one of his roommates at 12:15 pm when the victim failed to appear at work on Monday morning. The victim was last seen on Sunday night by his roommates before going to bed. No one has a clue about how the murderer got in and stabbed the victim without making any sound.
Grete LIen Metlid, the leader of the Oslo police department’s head of intelligence and investigations unit, told the publication, “We are familiar with a tip about Bitcoin, but at this time we will not provide more information about the investigation.”
As reported by the local media channel of Norway, TV2 on Monday morning, the victim was lastly observed bringing back big money to his apartment and was later found stabbed to death. Since the beginning of the year, cryptocurrency participants, especially the ones holding a reasonable amount have been threatened of violent attacks. This incident serves as an example and a reminder to be more careful while exchanging money in person for the purpose of cryptocurrency.
Till now, there have been nil arrests for the case and the police do not have any suspects. As of now, forensic analysts are still working on the case trying to find clues.

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