The New Logo of Bitcoin SV Looks Similar To the Original Bitcoin

Jan 4, 2019 at 20:00 Update Date :Jan 4, 2019 at 20:00 UTC

You might be reading a lot of news on Bitcoin and its market position, but the latest logo look of Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (Bitcoin SV) is the centre of media’s attraction. When everyone was busy scrolling news feed – reading about the 10th birthday of bitcoin, Bitcoin SV came up with a new logo that looked as same as the original Bitcoin.

The President of pro-BSV bComm Association Jimmy Nguyen announced in a public statement that Bitcoin SV logo was finalized after the conducting three Twitter polls – to allow the public to select their favourite logo.

bComm Association’s official twitter account tweeted:

Bitcoin SV: A Copy of Original Bitcoin?

Considering the trend and the type of publicity the new logo of Bitcoin SV has made, there arises a question “Do these two coins look similar?” The crypto market analysts, as well as the users, are openly mocking the new look of Bitcoin SV.

One of the users @JinglesBTC wrote:

“Bravo, but have hints of cheap imitation knockoff to it. I wonder why.”

Following the same, another user @cryptoefil said that Bitcoin SV is making fool of people with the new logo. In his tweet, he wrote:

“It’s BitcoinCashsv!! Quit calling it Bitcoin and trying to scam people!!

Little shocking tweets, Right?

If one side of the story shows people bashing the new logo of Bitcoin SV, then there are a majority of people are happy with the new release of Bitcoin SV. Many people have congratulated Bitcoin SV for this new trend. A user @etherbalance on twitter wrote:

“Wow! That’s awesome! What’s that color? Yellow!? Radical! Looks almost nothing like anything we’ve ever seen before! Wait…”

You must be wondering how the new look of Bitcoin SV looks like. Well, the new logo has heated up the crypto market because the look is as suspicious as the original bitcoin. The controversy arises due to the similarities between Bitcoin SV’s logo and Bitcoin’s logo.

Bitcoin SV

The news became a trend in the crypto market when the President of the bComm Association announced through his twitter handle:

“After too many years of wasteful diversions from the Satoshi Vision, we can now finally celebrate Bitcoin’s rebirth – unchained from experimental whims of developer teams who veered away from Satoshi’s original plan.

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