My Son Mines Ethereum, Says Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Nov 3, 2018 at 13:30 Update Date :Nov 15, 2018 at 13:06 UTC

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of the giant, Google, while addressing the New York Times DealBook conference said that his son who is just 11 years old mines Ethereum on the family’s personal computer. Sundar Pichai mentioned this while answering a question that was on parenting advice for parents in Silicon Valley.

As per the article of New York Times, parents in Silicon Valley who work or are residents worry about their children for being busy all the time in technology; that includes screen time and addiction among the children. Answering the same question Sundar Pichai said he is no way different than any other parents. He said he normally tests a lot of tech gadgets at home so he also has vulnerabilities about how his kids access the stuff.

It All Happened On The Dinner Table: Pichai

Later Sundar Pichai narrated the incident where the whole family was having dinner and Pichai’s son added that he is mining Ethereum. Sundar Pichai’s words were, “Last week I was at dinner with my son and I was talking about something about Bitcoin and in-between the conversation my son clarified what I was talking about was Ethereum.” According to Sundar Pichai, this is slightly different, his son is just 11 years old and was telling him about crypto mining.

When the audience at the conference asked him about the server his son uses, Pichai said that the family uses only a simple computer which was built by him. Pichai further added that he had to narrate his son the nation’s paper money system. His words were, “I had [to] more explain to him how paper money actually works. He believes that his son understood Ethereum better than the paper money working system. He had to tell him about the banking system. Overall as per Pichai, the conversation was good.

We Too Mine Crypto: Sergey Brin

Sundar Pichai’s son is not the only one who is curious about the cryptocurrency, the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, already told during a blockchain conference in July that he, with his son, has been mining crypto. Sergey Brin said that his son insisted him to buy a gaming PC. Later, he told his son that if they buy PC then they have to mine crypto.

In the end, with a sarcastic note, he said since then both the child and father are making a few dollars.

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