Mozilla powered browser, Firefox To Block Crypto Mining Malware Scripts

Sep 4, 2018 at 11:02 Update Date :Sep 4, 2018 at 11:02 UTC

Soon the Mozilla powered browser, Firefox will start to block cryptocurrency malware scripts. Nightly version of Firefox is on a test and if all goes well, then Firefox 63 will have this feature to serve its users.

“Sites have conveyed crypto mining contents that quietly mine cryptocurrencies on the user’s device. Practices like these make the web a more hostile place to be. Future forms of Firefox will hinder these practices by default,” Mozilla VP of product Nick Nguyen said in a blog post last week.

Worldwide cybersecurity solution provider Trend Micro recently published a report that indicated they have discovered a 96% expansion in cryptocurrency mining detection in the first half of 2018 compared to all of 2017.

The organization also uncovered that cybercriminals are moving towards strategies on in-browser crypto jacking rather than ransomware. These in-browser attacks don’t require the release of infected programs nor any shrouded malware.

In these cases, miners of Clandestine embedded a malicious JavaScript on their website pages, which starts crypto mining auctions each time that specific webpage is visited. While possibly less lethal than other kinds of ransom and malware attacks, these silent and mystery attacks suck processing power away from the targeted machines extremely affecting user’s experience.

Firefox takes after behind browser Opera which started to offer its clients security from undesirable crypto mining activities a year ago. The company also offers that same security for the mobile version of its browser.

Despite the fact that this step was marred by the news, some of these applications were waiting in the store long after the cutoff date for extinction. Some companies tried to utilize cryptocurrency mining as legitimate revenue-raising but have limited success.

The torrent site, Pirate Bay utilized a script that could mine for Monero as part of a test to eliminate advertisements inside the site. They hoped by using the cryptocurrency mining script they could produce assets to enable them to continue working without their graphics advertisements. They tested for a few weeks and as of now the Pirate Bay site is down.

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