MLB To Launch A Blockchain Based Baseball Game

Jul 15, 2018 at 07:04 Update Date :Jul 15, 2018 at 07:04 UTC

There is a good-news for gamers who are crypto-fanatics and are fond of baseball. A blockchain company has gained rights from the Major League Baseball for a blockchain based baseball game. Riding on the success of CryptoKitties, which is an Ethereum based game, it aims to add more excitement to the Blockchain gaming industry.

The MLB has a loyal fanbase, making it the largest sports leagues in the world. Being devoted to ‘modernise’ the viewing experience, they have taken some crucial steps which include having in-seat payment and Wi-Fi in the stadium. With blockchain gaining momentum, the game could possibly add to the brand’s image. With Lucid Sight securing the rights, the game is expected to be launched later this summer.

The details of the deal and the game are yet to be divulged. However, it is touted to be a solution that entices the youth and brings in reach to the blockchain industry. There has been some chatter about how the users will buy and sell items and earn rewards and stickers on this Ethereum-based decentralized app.

Looking at the how the community has accepted CryptoKitties, it is absolutely obvious for MLB to sell the rights for the blockchain based game. CryptoKitties, which was released in late 2017, quickly became a success, after the gamers accepted the game. It is a cat-breeding game with a quirky concept and addictive gameplay. It caught on quickly with the masses and has generated profits worth $23 million.

However, it will not be MLB’s first try with cryptocurrency. had earlier started accepting bitcoins as payments for its products. However, it is difficult to predict how the community will perceive the game. But it can surely be touted as a thoughtful positive move in order to increase their consumer base.

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