McDonald’s MacCoin To Be Launched Soon

Jul 31, 2018 at 11:30 Update Date :Jul 31, 2018 at 11:30 UTC

McDonald’s is celebrating Big Mac’s 50th anniversary and is making the event even more significant by launching its currency MacCoin. The king of fast food restaurants has joined the race of launching tokens. Getting your hands on this new currency will be as easy as ordering a burger at McDonald’s counter because all you really have to do is order a Big Mac but only after the 2nd of August. August 2 marks the birthday of Jim Delligatti, who was the founder of Big Mac.


McDonald’s two patty burger is one its most popular and filling meal. The burger giant sold over 1.3 billion burgers just last year. The anniversary is being celebrated while coping with changes in the financial sphere across the globe. Such was the influence of the most popular burger ever that it gave birth to Burgernomics. The Economist in 1986 introduced Big Mac index (BMI) which measured the purchasing power of different currencies around the world. For example, it was found that the burger meal was 53 percent cheaper in Hong Kong as compared to the United States.

MacCoins, however, are limited edition. 6.2 million MacCoins will be distributed all around the world and 50000 coins alone will be distributed in New Zealand. The offer will remain valid only until 2018 end, or until Mac Coins run out. The coins will come out in 5 different designs, each one subtly giving out popular referenced from the five decades. McDonald’s has joined the mad race of tokens but the MacCoins are not digital currency. They have no investment value whatsoever. The only place you can use these coins is McDonald’s and the only product you can purchase using this coin is a Big Mac.

The customers can collect these coins, share them and redeem them for more Big Macs across the globe without using the traditional currencies. This means that the coins will kind of work like coupons. This has created controversy regarding the limited use of the Big Macs but it is a new and exciting offering for the loyal McDonald’s customers and the Big Mac fans.

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