Mark Cuban Discloses Stake in ETH Layer 2 Climbing Solution Polygon

May 27, 2021 at 05:33 Update Date :May 27, 2021 at 05:33 UTC

Famed American entrepreneur and investor Mark Cuban has divulged a planned investment in Polygon, stress his individual use and hold of the protocol’s multi-chain method to ETH.

Investment Accompanies Announcement of the Polygon SDK
As main names line up after ETH, particularly Goldman Sachs, which obtainable a thesis stress the network’s potential to pass BTC in footings of crypto dominance, Mark Cuban is amongst the latest high-profile figures to toss his support behind the network through an investment in Polygon.
Polygon, previously recognized as Matic, aims to assistance tackle the scaling constraints that have plagued ETH by delivering the interoperability wanted to construct and connect ETH compatible chains.
The layer 2 scaling solution pioneered by the company will efficiently advantage from ETH’s core topographies while building upon the network’s current capacity. For projects like decentralized finance that poverty to evade the amount bottlenecks and high fees that currently influence the ETH mainnet, this new solution is designed to overwhelmed these obstacles.
Cuban withheld the footings and size of his investment in Polygon but did letter, “I was a Polygon operator and find myself by means of it more and more.” Previously, he plans to mix Polygon into, another blockchain business in his portfolio, to help operators seamlessly display NFTs.
This investment dovetails significant advances for Polygon, specifically the rollout of the Polygon SDK. The SDK will authorize developers to build customized standalone chains that will be well-matched with ETH with its rising set of modules. Besides serving deliver on its promise to cultivate a multi-chain ecosystem, Polygon’s high amount and PoS consensus model support “zero-gas” transactions and near prompt confirmations.
Future repetitions of the Polygon SDK, set for ultimate application, will support more layer 2 stages, including Rollups and Plasma, each of which will also promote better scalability and amount over time.

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