Focussing on the challenges of the ecommerce ecosystem, XAOS claims to popularise itself as a widely accepted cryptocurrency, to the extent that users would walk into supermarkets and pay for everyday necessities with the token, contributing to complete decentralisation.

So what’s the problem?

Well, it’s exactly the same as any other minor cryptocurrency in the market, aiming to become a household name in two years, with no legitimate plans of action. The project’s goals are visibly large scale, with XAOS debit cards as a replacement for VISA, and even a XAOS mega store. The striking error in the proposition though, is that there is almost no detectable team of members in the project. Even though the ICO writes “we have a team of dedicated developers who are always working around the clock”, there are only two profiles listed on ICOBench, without any social links or pictures, and no linked KYC.

The rating for the ICO is 1.1, with 3 expert negative reviews mentioning the lack of credibility of the developers and executives. This comes after XAOS claiming to pride themselves in professionalism & transparency to build true trust with their investors.

In conclusion, going through the available documents doesn’t provide a decent enough impression of the project. Digging deeper might help one get more information that could change their mind, but AltCoin Era’s experts would not recommend investing in XAOS.