“The snowball project will distribute this new crypto currency all over the world and raise its value hundreds of times.”

Could you be more subtle?

This statement on SNBL’s ICOBench profile says everything you need to know about how ICO projects plan to hoodwink the innocent public. The profile description for the project is clear and obvious; the first rule of investment is, it’s never a double-your-money system. No offering can assure a rise in price, whatsoever be the product.

SNBL claims to ‘snowball’ the assets of investors by raising its value a hundred times. So basically, they will sell you their token for 0.00002 ETH, and then ‘change’ its value to 2 ETH at their own will (duh).

The whole thing is just one great big bad idea with no focus or structure. Nothing but a promise that you will all get rich if you buy it.

With a rating of 1.7 on ICOBench, and multiple negative expert reviews acknowledging it as an ICO that appears to be nothing more than recognizable crypto-related terminology mixed with nonsense and false promises, SNBL seems to be a really bad investment. Just about 0% of the team members have their LinkedIn pages posted. The explainer video explains nothing about the project, but rather just gives a multi level marketing type dream hype. The whole idea is misleading and unprofessional at every level.

AltCoin Era would not recommend anyone to invest in SNBL’s clear cut Ponzi Scheme.