Joel Robideaux, Mayor-President of Lafayette, Louisiana, introduced yesterday that the town-parish governing administration is contemplating generating its individual electronic currency and keeping an accompanying first coin giving (ICO). Carrying out so would placement Lafayette to abide by the direct of Berkeley, California, which previously this 12 months revealed programs to produce a municipal bond-backed electronic coin.

Lafayette’s Electronic Currency

The electronic currency proposal was the most significant information to occur out of Robideaux’s once-a-year address at the Heymann Center, exactly where he described Lafayette as a “technological hub” — and a person that demands to acquire gain of this fact to assist diversify the having difficulties community overall economy and make improvements to governing administration expert services. 

The Mayor-President hopes that cryptocurrency, which makes use of encryption procedures, runs on a dispersed ledger (blockchain), and operates independently of a central bank, could be a new way of funding community operates.

Robideaux, nevertheless, was imprecise, in detailing why Lafayette should really take into account a cryptocurrency especially, other than the likely for it to assist “develop remedies concentrating on governing administration inefficiencies, and, additional importantly, solutions for funding community infrastructure.” 

Robideaux didn’t elaborate in his speech how, exactly, his proposal for a municipal cryptocurrency could get the job done, or what could encourage buyers to sink cash into Lafayette’s coin.

“It’s not just a bunch of international libertarians that want unregulated, untraceable and secure electronic currency transactions,” Robideaux explained, referring to issues that cryptocurrency can be used for cash laundering or other nefarious needs. “It’s the recognition of international stakeholders that the environment of banking, finance and payment programs is eternally modified, that the environment of health care, governing administration and maybe each other sector is about to be disrupted.”


Robideaux explained he desires to use the proceeds from an ICO to “build a living lab of blockchain scientists and developers.” While he did not reveal what this sort of a lab could consist of, how considerably it would value, or exactly where it could be positioned.

In keeping with his previously opinions about Lafayette being a technological hub, Robideaux requested inhabitants to take into account what ideas this sort of as augmented fact, synthetic intelligence, and machine studying programs could mean for community governing administration.

These factors, Robideaux explained, could translate to remedies for greater stormwater management, traffic lights that alter in authentic time, and improved governing administration transparency.

Berkeley, California

Berkeley, which has had additional time to flesh out its proposal, is backing its currency with municipal bonds. The town programs to offer “crypto enabled microbonds” to increase cash for affordable housing and other initiatives to assist the homeless, according to Forbes.

Thinking about that cryptocurrencies are identified for large rate fluctuations, officials hope that this use of bonds will discourage the speculation that frequently prospects to unexpected spikes and dips.

The city’s programs were being made in tries to create additional fiscal independence from the Trump administration.

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