KFC in Venezuela to Start Accepting Dash Payments Next Week

Dec 10, 2018 at 19:30 Update Date :Dec 21, 2018 at 11:52 UTC

From the next week, KFC in Venezuela is going to start a new journey with dash payments. It will join the group of food outlet that is accepting the cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

The whole new opening will take place in Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela. It will begin in the Chacao Municipality before it expands to South American country, where it will be open in 24 locations. The co-founder of Dash Help, Dash Text, and Dash Merchant Venezuela is adding a boost to this expansion.

Dash Payments in the Country

The co-founder Alejandro Echeverría, along with his team is managing the collaboration with KFC for the last three months. The team is focusing on growing the mass adoption of the dash in the country. Alejandro Echeverría stated:

“It is a great achievement that such a big name KFC is accepting a dash payment in Venezuela, as the brand is recognized worldwide, so any other validation of the dash adoption trend is not just a limited to a user perspective, but now merchants are also swimming in the pool.”

The co-founder believes that the people are using the dash payments for their transactions, as the payment process of dash is pretty easy to use.

As per a dash merchant listing site DiscoverDash, within a year, there are around 2430 merchants which are using dash. The data of the site also shows that the number of people joining is increasing rapidly.

Echeverría further said that the dash payment is spreading rapidly in Venezuela. He added:

“First the dash payments were accepted by the small family business and food trucks. Now we can say that dash payment is attracting more established businesses.”

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Increasing Mass Adoption

The organization named Dash Merchant Venezuela, started by Alejandro Echeverría himself, is like a helping hand in increasing the number of merchants in the country. The focus is to influence people to adopt dash, with a focus more on Caracas, working to convince the merchants. Along with it, they are teaching the merchants about how they can accept the dash payments.

The team is following a plan “Strategy for Adoption” which includes three-stage process: Find the Merchants → Dash in the Hands of People → Incentivize the Consumption.

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