Justin Sun to Create Fund to Rescue dApps Developers

Dec 10, 2018 at 09:47 Update Date :Dec 21, 2018 at 11:52 UTC

In a recent tweet, Justin Sun the founder of Tron said that he is planning to build a recuse fund to save the dApps developers who are working on Ethereum and EOS platforms if they move their dApps to the Tron blockchain.

Justin Tweeted

“#TRON will build a fund to rescue #ETH and #EOS developers from the collapse of their platform as long as those developers migrate their dapps to #TRON. #TRX $TRX”

Justin is planning to use the fund to save the developers from the collapse of their platform who will migrate their dApps to the Tron network. It is not the first time that Justin is trying to attract the developers. Last month, Justin gave four reasons to the developers to migrate their dApps or tokens to Tron network. One of the reasons which he gave was that the developers could increase their token value by 100% with high liquidity by a Tron dex listing.

In July this year, Tron took over BitTorrent. Tron claims that it has already made significant progress towards its goal of building out the infrastructure for a throughly decentralized internet. Sun uses aggressive promotional strategies to promote his products and most of the time market reward him for his operational strategy. If we look at the current scenario, Tron is relatively performing well than other asset categories which are suffering from market meltdown.

EOS and Ethereum both are showing significant losses. One of the main reasons behind the poor performance of EOS is the concern of investors over the longevity of its blockchain network. Last month, in a research report, blockchain research and testing company Whiteblock stated that EOS is not a blockchain network, but it is a distributed homogeneous database. EOS is also suffering from significant security failing and lower network performance. If we talk about Ethereum, it is also suffering from the effects of the prolonged bear market. Recently, Joseph Lubin announced that his Ethereum development startup ConsenSys is kicking off a period of restructuring to eliminate the projects which are not performing well and to focus on the projects which can create tangible values.

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