It’s Now Difficult To Open A Cryptocurrency Exchange In Japan

Sep 3, 2018 at 14:12 Update Date :Feb 27, 2019 at 07:46 UTC

According to a local report, Japan’s essential money related regulations have significantly expanded its screening procedure of candidates enlisting to open cryptocurrency trades.

On Sunday, the Japan Times saw a four-fold increase in previous norms by the Financial Services Agency (FSA), Japan’s watchdog and financial regulator.

Following an amendment to the Payment Services Act, Japan lawfully perceived cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a legitimate method for instalment in April 2017. Under the enactment, administrators of domestic cryptocurrency trades are additionally required to register with the FSA to procure a permit from the regulator.

The regulator has now made mandatory for the applicants to submit the minutes of a board meeting to ensure that the company has discussed the security measures of customer’s assets.

After all this, the FSA conducts the on-site inspection of the exchange operators to verify the answers submitted during the screening process.

Referring to sources, the Japan Times asserts that the office will inspect the effectiveness of trades’ internal systems introduced to “check for links to antisocial groups.”

The regulator has put a limitation on the crypto industry following a $530 million cryptocurrency robbery from unlicensed Tokyo-based exchange Coincheck in January.

As detailed by a report at the beginning of July, the FSA is also considering a revision of its crypto-regulations inside and out by bringing trades under the domain of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (FIEA). If enacted, crypto trades will be required to manage client supports independently from corporate resources under robust investor protection norms applicable to traditional stock brokerages.

The detailed fourfold increment in inquiries during the screening procedure comes in spite of the FSA’s new head precluding “excessive” regulations upon the sector that were introduced less than a fortnight ago.

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