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There have been significant advancements in the field of info-communication technologies in order to keep up with the ever-evolving digital realm. According to a report, the global telecommunications industry market value is expected to stand at USD 6.5 Trillion by the end of 2018. However, the voice and internet communication landscape still deal with various challenges such as lack of accessibility, high costs, low data transfer speed, security issues, etc., that cannot be overlooked. These setbacks keep people, especially those who belong to remote areas from harnessing optimum benefits that the telecommunication industry has to offer.
International Sky Group (ISG) is one such unconventional platform that works with an objective to eliminate the present pitfalls that the communication landscape currently faces, and offers an effective solution. This platform has a decentralized approach that allows people to access voice and internet communication at affordable costs.

Unique Functionalities of ISG

The ISG project has developed Satellite Communication System (SCS) that weighs less than 500 kg and enable the development of an adequate space constellation in a significantly shorter time. Additionally, their low-earth orbit satellites have various advantages. One of the most important benefits is the possibility of providing 100% communication coverage without any dead zone. Additionally, low orbit satellites are an effective solution to provide telecommunication access to people living in remote areas at low prices.
The SCS by ISG is a unified ecosystem that can operate inextricably as well as individually with the existing global telecommunication networks. It allows companies to create communication systems that are based on low-orbit communication satellite constellation, thereby offering high-speed information transfer.

Communication Services Backed by Top-Notch Technologies

The powerful ISG Satellite network comes with significant advantages over the conventional satellite networks. The leading network companies aiming to offer data transmission speed at 2Mbps per subscriber by the year 2021, however, ISG plans to offer its users 12 Mbps data transmission speed for every subscriber. While the current time required to connect a subscriber unit to the satellite is 10 seconds, ISG plans to offer this connection at merely 76 microseconds. Transmission and reception of information will be initiated through phase-code-manipulated signals without any signs of dividing the data in the data array. Stable voice and multimedia communication will be offered to air subscriber without any costly access points at the speed of 12,000 km/h.

Optimum Security Assurance

Data breach is one of the biggest threats that the digital domain deals with today. Numerous breaches every year have proven how vulnerable user data is to security threats. The ISG’s SCS aims to eliminate this impending issue by adhering to the highest security standards. Moreover, the wireless data transmission technology ensures that there is no interruption from the third party. The company also provides users with a unique personal code to augment the protection level.

ISG – Revolutionizing The Way We Communicate

ISG’s SCS is a transformational communication platform that plans to eliminate the hindrances of the conventional telecommunication sphere and make communication more accessible, efficient, and affordable to the individuals. Its multimedia communication services allow users to communicate with an enhanced capacity at cost-effective rates, thereby revolutionizing the overall communication sphere.

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