Gaming Could Be The Next Big Thing For Mass Crypto Adoption

Aug 20, 2018 at 14:03 Update Date :Feb 27, 2019 at 07:46 UTC

Gaming could indeed be the next big thing for mass crypto adoption. This is one of the advantages of blockchain technology, the ability to make real assets online and keep and both secure as well as transferable.

Benny Giang from Cryptokitty was one of the first people who saw this potential to combine the technology with an online card game. TechCrunch reports:

“For those unfamiliar with Cryptokitties, it’s often been alluded to as a digital version of Beanie Babies. Cryptokitties are virtual collectibles in the form of cute cats that can be bought, sold, collected and traded with cryptocurrency, with all the transactions listed on the blockchain. Owners who purchase these kitties can then breed them with other kitties to produce new baby kitties.”

Keeping opinions aside, this could potentially be a new way to give players the reason to trade cryptocurrencies in the form of new and unique virtual assets. Art auctions and sale of real estate are already being used as other media through which this idea of registering digital assets for a real-world property is getting executed.

Giang also said to reporters that he believes that crypto-based games in Asia have a “huge untapped market”, but is now being faced with more and more competition. He says that the Asian market has a generally higher knowledge and awareness of cryptocurrencies, the regulatory market is much better developed in some countries, and the popularity of gaming is much higher than elsewhere in the world. People, old and young, are absolutely engrossed in such games all over the continent, especially if playable on their mobile phones.

The hugely popular chat and instant messaging applications like WeChat and Kakao Talk (in China and South Korea respectively) have evolved into major economic devices through the provision of services like P2P payment, instant messaging, and calling services as well, all of which has made the individual user a participant in the entire ecosystem.

Through the integration of crypto-technology the apps and games like those mentioned, a huge number of people could potentially be shown into the world of digital currencies.

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