Gamers Can Now Mine Crypto With Their Idle Graphics Cards

Nov 30, 2018 at 19:30 Update Date :Dec 21, 2018 at 11:54 UTC

As per the reports of Tech Radar, AsusTek Computer Inc. – ASUS, a Taiwan based electronic and computer component manufacturer, has collaborated with Quantumcloud Innovation Factory to turn the graphics cards into a source of crypto mining. ASUS together with Quantumcloud will allow gamers to generate a massive source of income with their ASUS graphics cards (GPUs).

Earnings and Privacy

The income will be paid through PayPal and WeChat. The website of Quantumcloud says that the app with the help of gamers’ GPU power the cloud-based miners, that generates profit. The app then gives the owner a percentage depending upon the amount of power provided.

The firm ASUS said that the privacy of users’ financial data on the platform will be protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They further added that Quantumcloud launched with GDPR in order to protect the data of the users. The firm also mentioned that the users need not create a separate unique login identity. The users can use their existing accounts of WeChat and PayPal to log in and they can also collect their earning through the same accounts.

The firm Quantumcloud is not sure about the profit that users wish to generate through its software. As per the reports, the firm stated that the earning rates are not fixed; they might get changed depending upon the graph of the crypto market. Hence, there is no profit guaranteed by the firm.

Impact of Crypto Market Fluctuations

The crypto miners use their GPUs in order to mine cryptocurrency independently and collectively. They use dedicated software on their PCs. However, there are few virtual currencies like Bitcoin which can’t be mined with GPUs. Due to the high level of difficulty, it requires separate dedicated processors – ASICs for mining.

As the crypto market is undergoing several up and down, the crypto miners are also going through the tough times. The mining difficulty rises with the low in the prices of cryptocurrency. In the last few weeks, a large number of people have left the crypto industry to continue fluctuations in the crypto industry. Due to this, the demand for GPUs has also dropped in the last few months.

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