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From the Gold Coast in Chicago

Evan Witmer and Tony Dykstra, hailing from Gold Coast in Chicago, have developed a simplistic game. HIVE, an app that rewards its users with SmartCash, a community-driven, decentralized cryptocurrency on regular local haunts.

.Hive has been planned to launch in the middle of August at Trinity Christian College campus in Illinois, the alma mater of Evan and Tony. As of now, it is available for a beta testing on the cryptoweb website.

Being a Bitcoin miner in Iceland for a few months, Evan was reaping its benefits without Dykstra’s knowledge. Evan’s addiction to digital currencies and blockchain technology has led him to develop the app along with his roommate Tony.

During his high school days, Evan had purchased a handful of Bitcoin at a value of $1, he used the money to buy “stupid stuff” to prove whether it’s working. According to his roommate, Evan is a diehard fan of cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology. “[Witmer] just eats, breathes and sleeps this stuff,” Dykstra says. He also revealed that Evan has a habit of interrupting “normal” activities like watching a movie, just to look out for the latest developments in the crypto industry.

.Hive is a user-friendly application and would not require much specs to play, which stands out as a remarkable feature. Users are not expected to have any prior knowledge or experience in cryptocurrency or blockchain technology to play and earn SmartCash.

Evan and Tony would also educate youngsters about the concepts behind blockchain technology and digital currencies through this game. Tony stated that the game would be similar to Pokemon Go, with an additional feature of earning cash rewards, which is expected to increase its popularity. Prior to. Hive, games like EtherBots, CryptoKitties, and CryptoCountries have been launched in the cryptocurrency space. Right now, CryptoKitties is ruling the genre but Dykstra believes that. Hive would be a funnier and more functional alternative for gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

Not surprisingly, Evan and Tony are in their early 20’s, devoid of adult responsibilities, so they can focus on. Hive as much as they want. Interestingly, they have been approached by partners to work on the project.

During the implementation of the app at the Trinity Christian College, the students would be able to earn SmartCash by registering themselves. The students can use the rewards to buy services in the college cafeteria or convert it into dollars at a cryptocurrency ATM.

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