Famous 19-Year-Old Bomb Hoaxer Arrested for Generating $800,000 in BTCs

Nov 24, 2018 at 16:30 Update Date :Nov 27, 2018 at 09:59 UTC

The Tel Aviv Court sentenced an American-Israeli teenager to 10 years in jail for making bomb threats for the living and earning BTCs on dark web.

As per the analysts, a 19-year old kid named Michael Kadar was playing with the public with his bomb hoaxes in the time period of 2015 and 2017. As per the facts, around 2000 bomb hoaxes were made by the teenager. This act earned him a nickname – ‘JCC bomb hoaxer’ in Israel because of his focus on Jewish Community Centers. Apart from this, he targeted airports, police stations, malls, school, and hospitals, the reports of The New York Times said.

What more interesting thing is, he charged differently for each center; i.e. to make bomb threats to commercial airlines he used to charge around 500 United States dollars, whereas, the charge for bomb threats to private residences was 40 USD. Kadar, who himself is a homeschool kid due to certain reasons, charged 80 USD for bomb threats to schools.

Role of Dark Web

As per the reports from the court, Kadar used to offer his services on the dark web, where he was paid in cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTC). With this huge mindset, he was able to generate around 184 BTCs, with a market value of around 0.8 million USD. The kid was on his way to becoming a millionaire with these illegal activities.

As per the reports, Kadar took the advantage of fear in school children, where the kids wanted to postpone the exams, and in return, they were paying him.

Bomb Threats Terror

These bomb threats created a mess in the public and police responded to the act; various emergency services and actions from the police units were seen.

A verdict from Judge Zvi Gurfinkel stated that there was a lot of fear, terror among the passengers in the aircraft who were forced to land in an emergency situation. While evacuating some of the passengers even got injured. Meanwhile, in the schools, pupils were evacuated due to the bomb threat. This whole scenario created a mess and the police took the decision.

In the raid, many USD in cash were found, however, he refused to disclose anything regarding his BTC wallet – which has most of his earnings.

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