EXCOLONY- Digital Trading Backed By Expert Guidance

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EXCOLONY- Digital Trading Backed By Expert Guidance

According to a recent report by CNBC, the cryptocurrency market is speculated to hit USD 1 Trillion by the end of the year 2018. However, digital trading still deals with many difficulties that impact the efficiency of this rapidly-growing domain. Currency rates significantly vary on different platforms and exchanges often charge hefty commissions. Additionally, the cryptocurrency industry is highly vulnerable to cybercrime and over the years, many have lost millions of dollars despite having earned substantial profits.

Both, centralized and decentralized platforms have their own set of challenges that crucially impact the trading experience of users. Centralized exchange platforms have a highly complex and rigid trading process and are often vulnerable to security threats. Decentralized platforms, on the other hand, ensure security, but don’t provide adequate control and monitoring system.

EXCOLONY is a next-generation exchange platform that aims to offer high compatibility between all transaction units across the globe and develop an ecosystem that allows real-time transactions at low costs. It offers users with unique trading functions including AI trade, ICCO, SAFU, Paygate, and Delegated Investment. EXCOLONY offers the speed of centralized exchanges and the security of decentralized exchanges to create a user-centric exchange platform.

Real-time Support Via Artificial Intelligence

EXCOLONY has leveraged the artificial intelligence technology to provide its users real-time support services to ensure that they have a seamless trading experience. And when users face any issues regarding their transactions that AI bot fails to solve, they can request to connect with experts in order to acquire instant solutions. Additionally, for new investors, AI offers textual as well as visual guidance to help them better understand the functioning of the EXCOLONY platform.

Enabling Trade at Lower Cost

High trading or exchange fees has been one of the biggest challenges for investors. However, EXCOLONY allows users to trade in a cost-effective manner. The company has offered a significant reduction in trading fees in the following ways:-

  • In the first year, investors get 50% off on the transaction fee
  • The second year, they get25% off
  • The third year, they receive a 12.5% off
  • The fourth year, they receive a 6.25% off
  • From the fifth year, no more fee reduction

EXCOLONY uses smart contracts that eliminate the need of a third party, thereby reducing the transactional fee and enabling faster transactions.

EXCOLONY Invest – Expert Guidance to Investors

EXCOLONY Invest is an exceptional feature designed especially for new investors in the market. Cryptocurrency being a precarious landscape requires investors to possess extensive knowledge and experience. However, often new investors have money but lack the expertise to efficiently trade and earn stable profits. EXCOLONY Invest allows such investors to receive guidance from experts and make a well-informed and profitable investment decision. Users still remain in full control of their personal account and make deposits and withdrawal any time they want.

Security Asset Fund for User (SAFU)

To safeguard the users’ interests, EXCOLONY has created the Security Digital Asset Fund for User (SAFU). With this, the platform rolls back all the uncertain trades and reimburses the fee amount to traders. Additionally, the platform contributes 10% of the profit to SAFU as a safeguard insurance to protect users and their funds in case of such scenarios.

A Reliable Exchange Platform

EXCOLONY works with an aim to generate an exchange platform that offers the benefits of both, centralized and decentralized platforms to its users. It is a hybrid platform that ensures easy trading at low costs and reliable returns on investments.

EXCOLONY is the FIRST EXCHANGE using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in trading, having SAFU INSURANCE for users who have been hacked, owning tokens CAN BE CONVERTED TO COMPANY SHARE via ICCO. There are several functions such as Paygate, delegated investment and demo exchange for traders in crypto world

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– Website: https://excolony.com/

– Telegram: https://t.me/excolonyglobal

– Twitter: https://twitter.com/excolonyglobal

– Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/excolony

– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/excolony/

– Github: https://github.com/ExcolonyGlobal

– Medium: https://medium.com/@excolonyglobal


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