Ethos to Integrate Crypto Exchanger Shape Shift

Aug 10, 2018 at 10:30 Update Date :Feb 27, 2019 at 07:46 UTC

The crypto wallet provider Ethos has recently announced the integration of ShapeShift exchange tool in its system. The owners of the premium blockchain tech are merging the exchange tool with their principle operations in order to provide the users with more diversified services.

Ethos is primarily a wallet platform which customers use to store their cryptocurrency and trade them on various trading exchanges as and when they need. The incorporation of ShapeShift will facilitate the access to liquidity and exchange of various blockchain tokens and multiple cryptocurrencies, from the wallet itself.

The Ethos Universal Wallet provides a safe, self-controlled environment for the users to look after all their funds themselves. The wallet aids the user as it stores, tracks, sends, and receives over hundreds of blockchain tokens.

Integration of ShapeShift will eliminate the need for intermediaries as the users will be able to exchange currencies and tokens in a safe and secure manner. The users will trade independently from their wallets without having to go to a digital exchange. The order handling will be executed as soon as the user makes the move. The transaction fee will also be appropriately charged.

The blockchain tech firm believes in making cryptocurrency popular among the masses, and therefore this step has been taken to make the wallet easier to use along with an increase in number of services being catered to the customer needs.

Shingo Lavine, the CEO of Ethos, while staying true to their company objective and goals said, “Ethos provides the infrastructure for a more robust digital economy that is truly easy to use and accessible to the average person. We want to partner with leading companies in the space to provide the best possible services while preserving the ideals and allures that cryptocurrencies hold.”

Ethos also plans to make use of the ShapeShift exchange tool in their new initiative, Bedrock products and services. Bedrock is a high performance Application Programming Interface (API) for businesses and institutions for a convenient access to blockchain protocols, as is the case with the internet protocols.

Ethos Universal Wallet is now available worldwide.

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