DigiByte Can Now Buy You Amazon Gift Cards

Aug 3, 2018 at 04:45 Update Date :Aug 3, 2018 at 04:45 UTC

Among DigiByte’s most uncelebrated new achievements is a feature that Amazon Gift Cards is accepting DigiByte. The bookcoin website revealed that DGB can be used to make payments for purchases of Amazon Gift cards. This comes in the midst of various digital companies vying for an endorsement from a big institution and DGB has now won the backing of a company like Amazon. However, DigiByte must be hoping that Amazon accepts it as a payment option in the general website as well. This not only means a vast number of transactions but also high chances of enormous increase in acceptance for DGB.

Prior to this, Digibyte had spent very less time on their marketing and focused all their resources to the technical aspects of the project. This has kept DGB’s potential in the shadows, making it highly underrated. The company has finally heeded this issue and created a the DigiByte awareness team, which addresses their weaknesses. With this, their prospects are greatly increased and more and more exchanges are starting to list DGB.

There remains no concern about the technology behind DGB, as the coin boasts of a practically perfect technical aspect. The company built the coin over four years, inculcating all the leading advances. When it comes to security, hacking it is nearly impossible, as claimed by the creators. The speed of transactions is a major aspect which become a deciding factor for business in the crypto industry. Compared to the top ten cryptocurrencies like BTC or LTC, Digibyte could simply be regarded as faster. As blockchain technology continues to breeze the dawn of a 21st century  global economy, all of this makes DBG’s likelihood for gaining market share huge.

Arguably, it could be presumed that most crypto projects in the current scenario won’t survive a long stretch of time. It may be because most of them are still relying on the Bitcoin tide for finding a shore or are falling short of remarkable developments, or are just too ambitious to implement blockchain in places it certainly isn’t needed. In such cases, an investor is looking for an opportunity or a project which could be greatly utilised, also considering the tech behind it. And now, with the indirect sponsorship of Amazon, DGB’s vistas in the market are certainly going to change along with a proliferation of investor interests.

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