DexAge – An Unconventional Multi-Tier Trading Ecosystem

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DexAge is a decentralized, trustless, permissionless exchange platform where users are in control of their transactions within the network. This decentralized platform facilitates P2P crypto to crypto exchange, crypto-trading, crypto-fiat trading, P2P lending, and DAPP chat app. DexAge envisions to build a seamless P2P crypto exchange and trading system that is autonomously operated by a synergetic web of users, traders, and investors.


Benefits of DexAge

With DexAge users can gain various benefits including

  • Decentralization

The blockchain based decentralized exchange platform allows its users to execute P2P crypto to crypto exchange, P2P crypto-fiat trading and P2P lending in a secure and transparent ecosystem.

  • Autonomy

DexAge is an autonomous and self-sustainable system that is fueled by interactions between users, traders, and investors via social media platforms. By eliminating single authority control and distributing the system among stakeholders of DexAge, the ecosystem has made the trading process more efficient and reliable.

  • Driven Social Web

DexAge extends an innovative business model that empowers people to manage the entire system. The platform aims to introduce DAPP which will allow users, traders, and investors to trade and lend crypto-assets and communicate and share ideas with each other within the network.

  • Trustless System

The P2P crypto transactions within DexAge platform including trading and lending are processed through smart contracts. It ensures that all the terms of the transactions are adhered to before releasing the payment, thereby ascertaining security and reliability.


Core Services By DexAge

This user-centric ecosystem envisions to make trading in cryptocurrency seamless and effective. To accomplish the same, the platform offers services including:

  • Referral Scheme

Users will be offered awards in the form of DXG tokens for every referral who trades or invests on the platform, promoting the mutual growth of DexAge with its users.

  • Staking

DexAge ecosystem will be operated on Proof-of-Stake (POS) based blockchain. Within POS, the validators of blocks will be rewarded with transaction fees that are generated on the ecosystem.

  • Voting and Community Participation

In order to develop DexAge as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), users will have to vote through smart contracts.

  • P2P Trading

The platform offers permissionless personal wallets that are not controlled by DexAge but managed by the users. The crypto funds acquired by the users are directly sent to these wallets.

  • Diversification of Portfolio

DAPP will enable the fund managers to carry out crypto asset diversification. The platform has integrated innovative trading strategy to simplify the buying and selling process of various coins while enabling users to designate the percentage of their fund that they wish to allocate to each coin.

  • DXG Chat DAPP

It is an unconventional strategy adopted by DexAge that allows users to send and receive the DXG tokens while interacting with each other via the DAPP chat app.

  • Crypto Acquisition

One of the essential objectives of DexAge ecosystem is to facilitate seamless P2P crypto to crypto exchange. The automated transactions are secure through the smart contract that eliminates the need of a monopolistic administration.

  • Crypto Asset Liquidity

By facilitating efficient interaction via social web and effective trading, DexAge enables its users to seamlessly convert their crypto assets into cash and improve the liquidity of DXG tokens.


DexAge Listing Agreement

The DexAge token (DXG) is an ERC 20 Ethereum based token. The platform has circulated a total of 5 Billion DXG tokens and set the soft cap value at USD 5 Million. The minimum purchase value is USD 10 and the platform presently accepts BTC, ETH, LTC cryptocurrencies for payment. The token sale started from November 30th, 2018 and will last till February 28th, 2019. Users can acquire the tokens from Moreover, DexAge has also secured a token listing agreement with Latoken. And DXG tokens will also be available for users on Latoken website from January 15th, 2019 and once the crowdsale is over the tokens will be listed for trading. The token distribution is planned to be conducted  in the following manner:

  • 45% – Crowdsale
  • 15% – Team
  • 15% – Reserved
  • 10% – Airdrop and Bounties
  • 5% – Core Investors


Furthermore, the funds collected from the token sale will be allotted in the following way:-

  • 40% – Marketing, branding, and education
  • 40% – Platform development
  • 20% – Contingency Plan


DexAge – A Scalable Crypto Exchange System

DexAge is developed with a staunch vision of empowering traders and investors to improve their profit-earning opportunities via crypto exchange and trade. To accomplish the same objective, it has created an automated, trustless, permissionless P2P crypto exchange and trading system that is entirely controlled and managed by its users. The elimination of any monopolistic administration has made the trading process more efficient, secure, and transparent, thereby optimizing the profit earning opportunities for traders and investors.


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