Cyber Capital Invest – Offering Scalable Solutions to Critical Challenges in the Cryptocurrency Market

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Cryptocurrencies, also referred to as the “Internet of Money” has been the buzzword for the past two years. The advent of cryptocurrency trading in the finance world has been nothing short of a revolution. It has opened up greater prospects that has allowed professionals to trade more effectively and seamlessly. While this marketplace is boasted with benefits, there are a few challenges that add to its uncertainty. For example, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, therefore it is important to understand the market inside out before trading, which reduces the chances of sustaining any losses.

Understanding this predicament, Cyber Capital Invest is an exceptional investment fund platform that is developed with an aim to offer a reliable ecosystem to the masses where they can trade in cryptocurrencies and gain substantial profits. Here, user funds are traded by expert traders who are well-versed with the intricacies of the market and can assure positive results.  

Unique Selling Points of Cyber Capital Invest

  • Flexible Withdrawal Options

In most cases when users invest in funds, there is a lock-in period involved which can extend upto 300 days. So even if the fund isn’t generating any profit, it cannot be withdrawn before the lock-in period concludes. However, with Cyber Capital Invest, users get different investment plans with different lock-in periods. The minimum lock period offered is 24-hours after which, users can withdraw the original amount along with profit.

  • Commission Free Ecosystem

People often worry about paying hefty commission fees while investing their money. This contributes to the challenges of trading in cryptocurrencies. Cyber Capital Invest on the other hand, is one of the rare cryptocurrency trading platforms that doesn’t charge any fee or commission for trading on the platform.

  • Optimum Security

Normally,  while investing via other platforms, the customer profile data and user activity data are often stored in the company’s own database. With no guarantee of encryption, this valuable information is vulnerable to security breaches. However, Cyber Capital Invest allows users to create anonymous accounts with no requirement for verification. This means, no identifiable personal data of users is stored on any database, which eliminates the risks involved with data security.

  • Distinctive Payment Options

Investment funding companies may have accepted cryptocurrencies as their payment option, but many of them have limited their gateways to only Bitcoin and Ethereum. A very few of them support multiple cryptocurrencies or fiat. With Cyber Capital Invest, users have the option to pay via  various deposit methods including BankWire, Credit Card deposit, PayPal, etc.

  • Utmost Reliability

The volatility of the cryptocurrency market is one of the primary hurdles that users have to deal with. Investment funding companies are primarily based on new investments with no reserve capital. Additionally, user funds are not insured, so evidently, if the funding fails, then the deposited money along with profit is lost and unrecoverable. To bring stability in this unpredictable market, Cyber Capital Invest insures its user deposits and the insured value is based on different account levels.

  • Basic Access Level- Insured up to USD 1,000 + 10% profit
  • Silver Access Level- Insured up to USD 10,000 + 10% profit
  • Gold Access Level- Insured up to USD 100,000 + 10% profit

Cyber Capital Invest has clearly focused on the critical challenges that encompass cryptocurrency trading and brought about effective solutions to counter the same. It is a reliable platform with a team of proficient traders where users, irrespective of market unpredictability and their inexperience can earn profitable returns on their investments.  

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