CURESToken – Improving the Global Healthcare System

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CURES is an unconventional, decentralized healthcare system that is build of six imperative platforms that include HAAP Store, Electronic Health Records, Health Assurance, Charitable Trust Fund, Marketplace and Trust Review Platform, and Trading Platform. These platforms enable users to make transactions and payments associated with healthcare across the globe via a single currency – the CURES token.  Furthermore, the ecosystem is gearing up to launch Security Token Offering (STO) by the end of the year 2019. The objective of STO is to boost the development and value of the products, offer investors the opportunity to claim the company’s share, and optimize their profit while sponsoring the healthcare industry.


Security Token Offering

‘Electronic Health Records is one of the significant offerings for the CURES ecosystem. Presently, the team is planning to create an effective opportunity for its supporter to optimize their profits. Additionally, the EHR platform will be backed by STO. Investors who participate in Security Token Offering can claim shares of the company and its future profits. The team is all set to launch the STO by the end of 2019. Additionally, the profit that the token holder will earn during STO will be the part of dividend from the net earning along with capital gains for the business and project growth. CURES Token (CRS) will be used as the mode to facilitate internal payment, transactions, and rewards.


Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Healthcare centres maintain a record of every patient’s visit that includes the treatments, tests, medicine prescriptions, etc. Separate records are maintained for each of the visits, thereby making the retrieval process arduous and at time costly. Patients, therefore have to wait for a long time or incur high costs, in order to get access to their own medical data. EHR aims to address this issue by leveraging blockchain technology. This revolutionary technology enables patients to take control of their medical data. It also enables them to share it in return for compensation to healthcare professional and inividuals across the globe.


The CURES Token (CRS)

The CURES token is a standard ERC-20 standard token. The token is written in one of the top developing languages on the Ethereum – Solidity. Moreover, the code is deployed on the Ethereum network and available for the public access. CURES ecosystem envisions to be on the forefront by extending an array of medical services in a single ecosystem that operates on the basis of smart contracts.

The team intends to offer 175 Million tokens for its ITO including private sales, pre-sale and public sale. Subsequent to the token sale, 10% of CURES token will be available and circulated for retail sale. Furthermore, the retails price of the token issues for sale will be set at x 5 times the prices offering during the ITO. ITO offers a profitable opportunity for investors in order to acquire CURES token at discounted prices.

The tokens were distributed in the following manner:-

  • 20% – Future development
  • 25% – Team and advisors
  • 5% – Airdrops
  • 5% – Charitable trust fund
  • 10% – Tokens left for retail price sale after the ITO


The fund collected from the token sale was allocated in the following way:-

  • 40% – Core Development
  • 40% – Marketing and business development
  • 10%- Operational, management and administration costs
  • 10%- Legal compliance

Prior to the completion of ITO, the supporters of CURES ecosystem will also have a great opportunity to claim around 25% bonus in CRS tokens for their contributions and generate profit in the form of free ETH that is distributed weekly via an Affiliate program. Moreover, Airdrop and bounty programs also offer users free CRS token when they promote the ecosystem on social media channels.


Operations that are Backed by Industry Pioneers

The CURES Token team are industry experts that have collaborated to create an extensive healthcare ecosystem that holds the potential to revolutionalize the present global healthcare system. The two co-founders of CURES have recently developed an unconventional health application referred to as Visions that allow visually colour blind people to view the world with toneS. In fact, the EU governments also endorse this app. Vision app has been featured in media projects across Bulgaria and many parts of EY along with various high-level international conferences. Some of the notable advisors include globally recognized professional from the blockchain domain and ICO members.


CURESToken – Providing Affordable Healthcare Solutions Worldwide

CURES Token is an innovative solutions solution that addresses critical global healthcare industry problems effectively. It’s a comprehensive ecosystem of prolific platforms offering quick and easy access to high-quality medical services, equipment, applications, etc. at the best price possible.


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