Cure WorldCosplay To Pay Cosplayers In Cryptocurrency

Aug 6, 2018 at 02:35 Update Date :Aug 6, 2018 at 02:35 UTC

Cure WorldCosplay just organized a sale for the cosplay community on 29th of July with the aim to rule the rapid growing world cosplay market.

Cosplay is a multi-billion dollar industry where Japanese anime films or manga (Japanese picture stories) admirers get dressed up as fictional characters.

To avoid large fees on transactions and to invent a feasible payment gateway, Cure WorldCosplay’s Cosplay Token mega sale will permit cosplayers to be paid for their work through this brand new cryptocurrency.

Photo books, attending an event and managing public relations for the commissioning company are some of the opportunities that this payment method will open with ease for the displayers.

According to the China Research and Intelligence (CRI) a hefty sum of $17.8 billion was spent in the year of 2017 on hair wigs, artificial props, cosmetics, and makeup by the cosplayers.

The WorldCosplay’s CEO, in an interview, said that the cosplay industry is on a boom but, issues like copyright and revenue sharing is challenging its growth and is posing as a matter of concern for the whole community. But to save the day, cosplay tokens among themselves will bring a smart solution, that is, a copyright record keeping system on the Blockchain itself and will allow revenues to be shared fluently using Smart Contracts.

Cure WorldCosplay ensures to properly reward the players by protecting the copyrights and ensuring trust and transparency. It also provides an easier way to settle payments as there are several players who are not paid for the work that they do just because they do not have an access to a settlement account to receive payments.

The players who will be a part of this ecosystem would be able to create their own tokens, helping them in expanding their business opportunities worldwide. Also, the fans have an option to publish their articles on the Cure WorldCosplay platform and earn tips.

Mr. Kawai stated, “We want to create an environment where users can share their articles and advice, while creating a strong online cosplay community.”

He also mentioned, “Players will be able to organise giveaways, prizes and offers for their fans using the personalised coin system on Cure WorldCosplay.”

Cure WorldCosplay system helps its users in creating and trading using their own personalised coins, while tapping into the 720,000-strong Cure WorldCosplay member base.

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