Cryptonite to Offer Secure Browsing Experience

Apr 15, 2019 at 07:27 Update Date :Apr 26, 2019 at 16:42 UTC

Cryptonite, the browser extension is ready to protect you from malicious attacks and phishing scams. If you prefer to explore new crypto services and platforms or are new to the crypto world, then the browser extension can be very useful for you.

Cryptonite is an anti-phishing and anti-fraud software powered by the MetaCert Protocol which is the largest threat intelligence database in the world. MetaCert offers internet security solutions for various devices, applications, and platforms. Cryptonite extension is currently available for Google Chrome, Brave, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Cryptonite addon is gradually gaining popularity in the crypto world.

The visual indicator of extension, Cryptonite shield protects you from scams and malicious websites. Once the users installed the extension in their browser it keeps track of what they visit. When the users visit a website and Cryptonite shield turns green, it indicates that the website which the user is visiting is verified by MetaCert. If the users visit a malicious or phishing website, the browser extension directs them to a block page and warns them that they are visiting a known malicious resource. The black color of shield indicates that either the website is unknown and could be a new phishing scam or the page is still not verified so the user should treat it with caution.

The Cryptonite extension will also display a warning if the users are about to open a known phishing website. Phishing websites usually mimic legitimate platforms such as cryptocurrency exchanges. With the help of these websites, hackers access sensitive personal information including login details, private crypto keys, and financial data. Once the shield identifies these websites, the users get several options. The users either can ignore the warning and can access the website or can return to the previous page. The users can also submit a report if they believe that the website has been labeled as a phishing site or malware by mistake.

The Cryptonite extension not only protects your private information but also warns you about the risks to your digital assets. It is a paid service which comes with a 30-day free trial.

There are many others who claim to provide a secure browsing environment for the users. We have to wait to find whether Cryptonite is offering the same services which it is claiming or it is just a hype to attract more and more crypto users.

If any of you have used the extension, let us know about your experience. Also, do not forget to share some other application which you are using to increase your browsing security.

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