Cryptocurrency Industry Doesn’t Need Wall Street to Expand, Says Dash CEO

Aug 13, 2018 at 04:30 Update Date :Feb 27, 2019 at 07:46 UTC

Ryan Taylor has come up with an interesting standpoint. He says that the prosperity of the crypto-trade industry does no longer depend on the support of Wall Street or any other financial institution for that matter.

CEO of the Dash Core Groups, Ryan Taylor, is also one of the handful of people who have exited Fiat Stock Exchange Markets for the sake of entering into the crypto-space. Dash, is an innovative payments-focused open-source digital currency.

Ryan, was a popular name on Wall Street Markets. Owing to his dedication and successful work in the industry for quite some time now, his present statement is garnering great attention of each and every man operating in the crypto industry.

However, possessing enough fame and success in the Wall Street Markets, the executive chose to switch over to cryptosphere, owing to the tremendous financial opportunities offered by the industry.

He identifies two major reasons for his sudden decision to switch over from an industry which took him to the heights of his career. The prime attraction according to him was the ‘tremendous opportunity’ in the sector, that was up for grabs.

The second, and the more influential factor that the big-shot brings to the table is the fact that the ‘Crypto-Industry’ is the upcoming future of the digital world. Also, the blockchain technology, which serves as the basic building block of the cryptocurrencies, has the potentiality to revolutionize the markets in no time, and offer infinite financial technologies at global levels.

To conclude with his point of view, Taylor highlights and elucidates the fact that ‘cryptocurrency industry does not need Wall Street to expand’. This comes as a shock to the analysts and investors of the crypto markets who have maintained this constant belief since the past two years, that the crypto industry needs to make an effort and seek more and more financial backing.

To make it more specific, he mentions the mass adoption of the crypto tokens at global levels in the past few years. Also, he adds that the industry is well contained in its foundation and would, therefore, eventually, witness worldwide acceptance regardless of its adoption by Wall Street.

Adding on to it, Taylor pointed out that regulatory authorities tend to get “caught up” when the cryptocurrencies ruling the market act as entities irrespective of their involvement in the traditional Wall Street, like Bitcoin, in handling and governing the institutional aspects of cryptocurrencies.

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