Crypto To Be Considered As Fiat, Says Majority Of The Americans

Oct 30, 2018 at 13:00 Update Date :Oct 30, 2018 at 13:00 UTC

At the latest survey conducted by Clovr, a blockchain oriented research firm, around 60% of the American public thinks that crypto needs to be treated as a fiat currency in the election campaigns.

When people were asked about the security, 54% of the people responded in the survey that crypto is a safe currency for political donations. If we break down numbers in terms of party people, then around 63% of Republicans agreed about crypto being a secure way to be used in the political purposes, out of which, 52% of Democrats and 45% of independents shared the same views. Around 73% of people, who believed to be aware of cryptocurrency, said that security is not an issue.

However, people during the survey appeared to be less sure about the stability of the price with respect to the USD exchange rate, still, the majority of them were supportive. The analytics of the survey when they were asked to say on the price stability was quite amazing.

Around 52% of Republicans believe that crypto is stable and should be used for the election campaign donations. The survey also includes 40% of Democrats and around 35% of independents which share the same thoughts.

As there is a positive side of the survey, it should also be noted that some people fear about indulging in cryptocurrency in the elections process.

As surveyed, around 60% of the people were concerned about the interference of outsiders in the country’s elections. The people who were concerned, include 66% of Democrats, 58 % of Republicans and around 56% of Independents.

Not just the fear of outside interference but, people also believe that they can’t trust the elected officials with cryptocurrency. As per the reports of the survey, 62% of people believe that donations in cryptocurrency can increase the illegal activities in the political system of America.

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