Crypto Mining Led Church To Pay Higher Electricity Rates

Oct 21, 2018 at 21:30 Update Date :Oct 21, 2018 at 21:30 UTC

A court in Russia determined that the church in Irkutsk must pay electricity bills for running a crypto mining hardware.

Grace, a religious organization, denied the fact that electricity was used in the crypto mining process. However, this is not a surprising thing because the Eastern part of Europe enjoys a low subsidized rate of electricity, and therefore it leads people to mind their own crypto at home. The church in Irkutsk, Russia denied a claim which states that the legislative process requires people who own their own crypto at their doors.

Irkutskenegro – an electricity provider has noticed a rise in the electricity from the church. The inspection team then found hardware in a server room of the church which was located on the second floor. The company stated that the electricity consumed put other neighbouring areas at risk.

In this situation, the church is demanding a refund of 1.1 million rubles, total around more than $16,000 US Dollars from the firm. In reply, the church claims that the utilized electricity was for the heating purpose and to make the religious material. But the court denied the claim because the time in the situation was summer season, so the explanation involving ‘heating’ is not making sense at all.

This is not the first case when anyone has been mining crypto. Engineers at Russian Nuclear Center are also facing similar charges for using a supercomputer for BTC mining purposes.

One of the key reasons why crypto mining has gained a wave in Russia is because of Dmitry Marinichev, who is an advisor of President Vladimir Putin for all internet affairs. Recently, he raised millions of USD for ICO of Russian Miner Coin.

One can’t predict future now, as time will show whether court statements actually make an impact on those who mine crypto in their own home.

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