Crypto Kid, the millionaire who lives in a treehouse

Aug 28, 2018 at 10:27 Update Date :Aug 28, 2018 at 10:27 UTC

Crypto Kid Justin is a college dropout, and sits on a throne of Bitcoin (he lives in a treehouse, however). In the dead cold of winter, Justin doesn’t wear much more than a pair of shorts, a cap donned over his bleach blond hair and his trademark tiger paw scarf.

However, that doesn’t keep his smiles off as he shows anchor, Melissa Lee, around his house in CNBC’s upcoming original documentary, “Bitcoin: Boom or Bust”, due to release next week. With a little grin on his face, he shows the audience around his outhouse and then shows off the icy “trampoline entrance” to the tree house where he spends his days (he literally leaps from the trampoline into his house).

In the new documentary, Crypto Kid gives the anchor a tour of his little whimsical world, while he argues against crypto critics and cynics, preaches the gospel of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and goes in to explain in detail about why he believes that this Bitcoin “gold rush” isn’t just a temporary phase, but is merely gaining traction and is just getting started. However, even he confirms to the idea that not all that glitters is gold (although this one shines just a little too brightly).

There isn’t anything around or about the college dropout that shouts “millionaire”, most definitely not his appearance or his real estate. However, the fact is, Crypto Kid currently sits on a huge fortune, all of it made out Bitcoin.

However, the trailer of the documentary and portrayal of Crypto Kid as a secure source of legitimate information about Bitcoin has drawn some amount of flak from critics. They explain that he seems to be more intent in showing off his quirky character instead of providing proper informative looks into BTC to viewers. Legally named Justin, the BTC millionaire allegedly sold off most of his possessions for crypto and explains that his treehouse is a sign of his “frugal” lifestyle.

While nothing is inherently incorrect with Crypto Kid, critics suggest that a more “relatable” (maybe they mean educated) crypto expert would have been better for the viewers.

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