Craig Wright Wants To Restore “Original Bitcoin(BTC) Protocol”

Aug 19, 2018 at 09:35 Update Date :Aug 19, 2018 at 09:35 UTC

Debates regarding the future of the BCH protocol is now in full swing among Bitcoin Cash developers. A group sanctioned by nChain and Craig Wright is now looking to develop a new full node client that is free from the new hassles being integrated into Bitcoin ABC, the most used full node BCH client.

Titled Bitcoin SV (“Satoshi Vision”), the new software is allegedly designed for miners who prefer cleaner implementation choices, the way Bitcoin was originally meant to be, according to nChain.

The firm says that the Bitcoin SV is going to through with Bitcoin’s on-chain scaling plans (instead of using Plasma or Lightning Network for a swcind-layer scaling). They plan to raise to block size from the present 32 MB to 128 MB in order to achieve this.

Once release, the Bitcoin SV will also bring back 4 “Satoshi opcodes” – OP_MUL, OP_INVERT, OP_RSHIFT, and OP_LSHIFT. These operations had been originally included in the Bitcoin code but were removed in later updates. The limit of 201 opcodes per script is also going to be removed.

nChain CEO Jimmy Nguyen explained:

“Once the Bitcoin protocol is fully restored and maintained, global businesses and developers can reliably build robust applications, projects and ventures upon it – just as they reliably build upon the long-stable Internet protocols. The future of Bitcoin is big blocks, big business, and big growth.”

Billionaire entrepreneur Calvin Ayre’s BTC Cash mining pool CoinGeek has already announced that it’ll start using the Bitcoin SV once it is released right before the scheduled BTC Cash hard fork later in November. The firm maintains that it’ll continue to show support for changes in decisions that will help bring back original Bitcoin protocols, and only other absolutely necessary decisions that will bring out an on-chain scaling solution. Currently, about 22% of the total BCH hashrate is accounted for by CoinGeek.

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